Working with Steve Lunn (aka Anvil Man) and the Duchess of Northumberland

Blacksmith Steve Lunn approached me a few months ago with the proposal for glass work to be incorporated into a metal gate that he was designing and making for the Duchess of Northumberland for The Alnwick Gardens. He wanted to know if I would be interested in the work, of course I jumped at the chance. 
The Duchess loves irises. She wanted about 14 glass irises to line the bottom of the gate. The heads of the flowers would be kiln formed glass and they would be mounted into metal stems made by Steve. The 11ft by 11ft gate and screen, when completed will be fitted in The Rose Garden where the original family entrance to the walled garden was. 
At this point in time I have made prototypes which have been approved by the Duchess, so onward and upward, watch this space. Oh and did I mention that the gate will be interactive so as the public approach it bird song will be heard coming from the gate!  You can read more about the project here and here.
Images courtesy of Chronicle Live