Concerns about the Glass Industry, (continued)

And so it rages on. The Governor of Oregon has issued a second cease and desist order. When reading some of the press reports it all sounds very confusing. Some people seem to believe the source of the contaminated air can be coming from other industries and not the manufacture of the art glass that Bullseye produce. 

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Concerns about the Glass Industry in America and world-wide.

A few weeks ago Spectrum, one of the largest companies that manufacture "art glass " in America announced it would in a few months time no longer be trading and be shutting its doors. This has come as a big shock to the glass world. Below is part of the statement it put out to customers giving reasons why , after over 40 years of production it was closing its doors.

My Hero Bob.

A lot of my tools, equipment and glass I buy from a supplier based in Bristol called Warm Glass. Warm Glass are very good at what they do, have great customer service and also run very good classes and workshops
About 8 months ago I saw a Master Class advertised at Warm Glass entitled "Wafer Wonders" run by a Canadian glass artist Bob Leatherbarrow and immediately booked myself on it. Places on this class were limited to 8 and within 15mins of it being advertised all places had gone.

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A Botanists Lunch

What a treat it is to get into Newcastle, which seems to happen less and less these days, take in an exhibition and go for lunch with the family.
The exhibition was the Laing's Royal Collection of 10 sketches by Leonardo D'vinci . Not what I would call overwhelming but still quite amazing looking at these line drawings from a genius of a man who is considered as one of the most diversely talented men that ever lived.

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Coffee, cake and creativity

On Saturday 30th of January I ran a "Drop In" workshop ,where people could drop in and make a heart from glass for Valentines day. I did publicise this more than usual but I am always a bit wary of publicising it too much cause the fear is too many people will turn up and I will have to turn some away which I would hate.

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